3-day professional training course in intellectual property law

Registration, protection and exploitation of intellectual property through patents, trademarks and designs represent a significant factor of success and cost in our knowledge society. In this seminar, the participants are introduced to the fundamentals of intellectual property law in a practice-oriented manner and are thus to receive the knowledge to design their own portfolio optimally. The first two days are dedicated to the law basics,  trademarks, domaines, design and copyright (1st day) as well as on patents and utility models (2nd day). On the third day, the participants will receive an introduction to the use of public property rights databases (free of charge at www) and technical literature databases. The full-text search for patents, trademarks or utility models and designs is presented in detail and practiced with practical tips. Likewise the correct interpretation of the results is treated (legal status, state of the art, validity, patent family). The course is lectured in German.

Intellectual property (patents, designs and trademarks) and patent search (mainly free database search tools) and literature search:
1st day:                                                               2nd day:                                                                         3rd day:

We, April, 18th 2018, 9 am – 5 pm                  Th, April 19th 2018, 9 am   – 5  pm                          Fr, April 20th 2018, 9 am – 5 pm

Technologie Transfer Zentrum
Seminarraum TTZ, 2. Stock
Peter Tunner Straße 27
8700 Leoben

Seminar content

2018-04-18 Intellectual property law,  part 1:

  • National and international law basics for the protection of intellectual property
  • Trademarks (brands) and domains
  • Design protection and copyright
  • Antitrust and competition law

2018-04-19 Intellectual property law, part 2:

  • Patents and utility models
  • Application strategies and requirements to get patents granted
  • Formulation and interpretation of patent claims
  • Determination and evaluation of the scope of the protection
  • Practical example(s)


2018-04-20 Patent- and Literature search:

  • Patent search tools
  • Basics and strategies for successfull patent and literature searches
  • Example searches preferred within free of charge online databases
  • Documentation and Analysis of the results
  • Exclaiming the use of databases as it is mainly done at the Montanuniversität


European Patent Attorney Dr. Andreas Dilg, Dipl.-Phys.
Kanzlei Dilg.Haeusler.Schindelmann, München


Dipl.-Ing.  Gerhard Stelzer, Patentservice, Montanuniversität Leoben – certified Knowledge & Technology Transfer Manager
Dr. Christian Hasenhüttl, University Library and Archive, Montanuniversität Leoben


Target group:
Leading or scientific staff in R & D or technology-oriented companies, research associates of research institutions, potential founders of companies, product developers and people with a strong technical background.

€ 420,- per day and person (freely selectable)

€   800,- if 2 days are booked (per person)
€1.100,- if all 3 days are booled (per person)

Further discounts for booking of 2 Persons/company -20%. If 3 persons/company are booked a 30% reduction is given to the above shown fees.
(Example: 3 persons of one applicant (enterprise) for a participation on all 3 seminar days amounts: € 3.300 minus 30% = € 2.310,-; saving: € 990,-)

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Dipl.-Ing Gerhard Stelzer
+43 3842 402 8406

Remark: This event is not financially supported by WTZ-Sued

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