Exploitation of research results (new knowledge, insights, intellectual property) of  Austrian universities/research organisations represents an important contribution to industrial, economic and social developement for the benefit of our society. High expertise and professionality in the activities around providing and offering top know-how and useful technologies are the basics that might lead excellent scientific research results to sustainable economic applications.

Modules: Projectmanagement, Eventmanagement, Knowledgemanagement, Problemanalyses and Solution Methods, Innovation Management, Presentation Techniques, Dealing with Knowledge & Technology, Technology Field Research, Managment of Cooperations, Communication between providers and users, Cooperation Model, Valuation of Knowledge & Technology, Future Studies and Methods, Entrepreneurship and Development Methods and strategies (national-international).

Date: February, 2019
Time: 09:00 to 17:00
Location: Montanuniversität Leoben, Seminar Room TTZ, Peter-Tunner Str. 27, 2nd  Floor, 8700 Leoben

This certified training program is carried out for the first time.It includes 15 modules till Summer 2020. Basics as well as expert knowledge in the field of state of the art knowledge & technology transfer with a focus on innovation broking are taught.

It is aimed to train the competent and responsible handling of applicable and exploitable know-how of research and development departments. Future Knowledge- and Technology brokers will be employed at technology transfer offices of universities, other research institutions or within SMEs or industrial companies.

The development has been funded by the BMWFW (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in Austria) and under the program “Knowledge transfer centers and IPR exploitation” by the AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH). The AWS, is an Austrian federal development and financing bank for the promotion and financing of companies and supports the government funding programs in the execution and supervising.)

For more information and application on this training course please contact:
Gerhard Stelzer
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