In Summer Semester 2019 within the framework of the Knowledge Transfer Centre South (WTZ Süd) a new course will continue to be held at the Graz University of Technology. The goal is to contribute to the professionalisation of industry-science-co-operations by conveying essential competences to different target groups.

Course “Fundamental and Applied Research: Third-Party Funding, Grant Proposals, Collaboration, Resources and Impact”

  • Seminar for PhD-Students
  • to be held in SS 2019
  • to be held in English
  • one semester credit hour, blocked

Students from other universities may simply register at the Graz University of Technology. More details at


  • National and European stakeholders: politics, research agencies, research organizations, enterprises – “who is who” on research funding
  • Financing of research projects: Bottom-up and top-down programmes;
    overview and details on selected national funding programmes in the context of fundamental and applied research; science and business cooperation; the European H2020 Programme,
  • Project design and development from the idea to the project: time frame, partners, resources (personnel and infrastructure), budgets, legal aspects (e.g. IPR)
  • Proposal writing: typical chapters, focusing research topics, one page proposal and full application
  • Dissemination and Impact: Technology readiness levels, knowledge and technology transfer (publications including open access, inventions and patents)


  • Knowing, selecting and use of adequate possibilities for financing research projects
  • Structuring of proposals and preparation of chapters, calculation of project budgets, identification and inclusion of partners
  • Knowing important legal aspects on contracts, avoidance of trouble
  • Knowing options on knowledge and technology transfer


Written by: Graz University of Technology, AM
on: 08/01/2019