Goals of the WTZ Süd

  • Support and assistance in the exploitation process of university-based inventions from the filing of patents to the development of prototypes. Thus, university know-how reaches society directly.
  • Enhanced usage and expansion of exploitation potential within the research institutes and support in the transfer processes between research and business. In that way knowledge transfer is made easy.
  • Professional handling of intellectual property. For the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Promotion of knowledge transfer activities in humanities, social and cultural sciences (HSC). Companies hereby benefit from a broad network and transdisciplinary knowledge.


„Knowing is not enough – one has to apply“ (Goethe)


Collaboration projects of the Knowledge Transfer Centre South during the current funding period

Collaboration project I – Transfer Impulses

In the Collaboration Project Transfer Impulses the handling of intellectual property in the context of knowledge and technology transfer is to be professionalised, long-term cooperation between science and industry is to be initiated and competences in handling usable research results are to be expanded in the HSC/EDA. The structured exchange between universities, universities of applied […] [Read More]

Collaboration project II – Exploitation 2.0 – Beyond inventions and publications

The exploitation of research results is primarily based on publications and patents. Universities and universities of applied sciences, however, also possess numerous types of intellectual property which have a high financial as well as social potential. Aims of this collaboration project are: Strengthening the exploitation of research results through innovative ways of exploitation Immediate usability […] [Read More]

Collaboration project III – Enterpreneurial ValueChain4Universities

The successful commercialisation of project results – especially in the form of a start-up – requires the combination of at least two “components”: a “good” project content (research result, project result, product concept, …), a person who can and wants to drive the project forward – a capable and motivated founder personality.   Both are […] [Read More]

Collaboration project IV – MINT4School – Structured and sustainable enthusiasm initiative for technology

Many future technologies create new possibilities and are already being used to manufacture products. In the MINT4School project, the participating universities are presenting interesting technologies in the scientific laboratories of teachers and student teachers and pointing out their areas of application in order to foster understanding of these technologies and enthusiasm for technology and the […] [Read More]

Collaboration project V – Connecting.Ideas4Research – participative, inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer processes between Research and Communities of Practise

Today’s universities are confronted with increasingly complex demands – e.g. digitisation, the emergence of new disciplines, exploitation orientation or transdisciplinarity – which point to opportunities but also to the need for adaptation. “Connecting.Ideas4Research” explores two promising approaches to solving these challenges: The integration of communities of practice and the examination of ethical implications of digitalisation […] [Read More]

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