Goals of the WTZ Süd

  • Support and assistance in the exploitation process of university-based inventions from the filing of patents to the development of prototypes. Thus, university know-how reaches society directly.
  • Enhanced usage and expansion of exploitation potential within the research institutes and support in the transfer processes between research and business. In that way knowledge transfer is made easy.
  • Professional handling of intellectual property. For the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Promotion of knowledge transfer activities in humanities, social and cultural sciences (HSC). Companies hereby benefit from a broad network and transdisciplinary knowledge.


„Knowing is not enough – one has to apply“ (Goethe)


Cooperation projects of the Knowledge Transfer Centre South

Cooperative Business Development

This project aims to introduce the scientific expertise of the cooperation partners to the companies’ R&D as well as to initiate joint research projects. Companies with research and development activities are individually invited to R&D-Round Tables held at one of the universities. In these workshops together with selected experts from institutes current research topics are […] [Read More]

Technology utilization and transfer processes

Exploitation of innovations, especially those of inventions, software and know-how is an essential form of knowledge transfer from universities to companies. Therefore, university-based innovations should be transferred to business to sustainably strengthen companies, among other things especially those in the business location of Austria. Another reason is to facilitate growth through innovations. Moreover, the successful […] [Read More]

Courses and professional development events

Competencies in the field of intellectual property and best possible property right protection are by now essential requirements for universities and companies in order to remain competitive. This project intends to help the participating institutions and their employees react to those framework conditions. A main objective is to impart knowledge for an optimum handling of […] [Read More]

Knowledge transfer in the humanities, social and cultural sciences

This project aims to reinforce awareness for knowledge transfer in the field of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) and to transfer innovative projects from this field into society. The following subprojects are in particular dedicated to the fostering of knowledge transfer in the SSH: Knowledge Transfer in the Social Sciences and Humanities will be […] [Read More]

Centre formation WTZ Süd

This project aims to provide organizational support to the WTZ Süd and to make the WTZ Süd known to the public. Companies and organizations in search of technologies and professional expertise from universities as well as services of the WTZ Süd may find a competent initial contact in the way of a One-Stop-Shop. The centre […] [Read More]

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