This project aims to reinforce awareness for knowledge transfer in the field of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) and to transfer innovative projects from this field into society.

The following subprojects are in particular dedicated to the fostering of knowledge transfer in the SSH:

  • Knowledge Transfer in the Social Sciences and Humanities will be Reinforced
    The aim is to create and professionalize intramural incentive systems for knowledge transfer in the SSH. Studies that use both qualitative and quantitative research methods are conducted to enable a scientific approach to the field of research. A special research focus deals with the issue of knowledge transfer in the field of ‘Gender & empowerment’. By intensifying joint university events for the transfer of knowledge in the SSH, the awareness of the subject will be further advanced.



  • Utilization Activities of Research Results of the SSH and Arts
    Students should gain recognition in the economic system as valuable human resources and should be brought to attention in an economic context. Social and socio-economic questions within a company are discussed both internally and externally and will be carried to society afterwards.


  • Exploiting Artistic Research Results in Transdisciplinary Contexts
    The aim of this sub-project is to raise awareness for the specific forms of exploiting results of artistic research. Well-documented examples of best practice for such processes of transferring artistic knowledge into non-artistic and/or non-academic domains are created by way of conducting a number of different case studies.