Many future technologies create new possibilities and are already being used to manufacture products. In the MINT4School project, the participating universities are presenting interesting technologies in the scientific laboratories of teachers and student teachers and pointing out their areas of application in order to foster understanding of these technologies and enthusiasm for technology and the natural sciences.

The goal is to bring this spirit to as many schools as possible in the cooperation area – and thus to many children and young people – through the enthusiasm for technology of current and future teachers.

For this purpose, structured and didactically coordinated training blocks for teachers and teacher training students will be held at all participating universities, in which the respective technology will be explained and demonstrated. The areas of application, application limits and the current application of the technology are pointed out and discussed. Through the targeted information of the teaching staff, a regional distribution of knowledge in numerous school classes should be achieved.

MINT modules for school classes are offered in addition to the technology taught, in which pupils receive this knowledge directly – and age-appropriately prepared at the university or in class.

These training concepts and experiences exist as a sustainable result and these technological contents are prepared accordingly with digital methods (video, etc.) and are available as a knowledge transfer and MINT instrument beyond the project period and the cooperation area.

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