The project, “Network IGP-Go” aims to increase the flow of the music teachers’ experience and knowledge into the training of instrumental and singing teachers at the KUG. On the other hand, the knowledge and attitudes of contemporary instrumental and vocal pedagogy should also be intensified and integrated into the daily work of music teachers. The purpose is to make the interface between theory and practice in the IGP more permeable. Under the direction of Silke Kruse-Weber, 12 teachers of teaching practice and of various didactics have joined together to form the IGP network in order to strengthen this mutual exchange.

Knowledge Transfer Project (1): Network IGP (2016-2018)

The focus of the knowledge transfer project, Network IGP or Interdisciplinary Transfer NetworkLearning to Teach in Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy (IGP)” is the sustainable optimisation of learning and teaching in the broad educational landscape of musicians and music teachers in order to meet the complex requirements of the professional fields. The “Network IGP” is characterised by an intensive didactic exchange and the testing of innovative and cooperative principles of reflection. In an iterative process between theory and practice, we develop professional perspectives and a “reflection and evaluation tool” in the sense of a “reflective practice” for instrumental and vocal learning and teaching.

The results of the project illustrate that the field of action of instrumental and vocal pedagogy must be based on symmetrical communication, respect, and appreciation in order to enable knowledge transfer. In national and international networking meetings of Austrian universities, both within the network team and with other subject didactics, the results were validated.

Due to its high relevance, the “project participants of the IGP network” decided to also open and continue the knowledge transfer project for the practical field of music schools. The name of the follow-up project is now: “Network IGP-Go”.

Knowledge Transfer Project 2: “Network IGP-Go” (2019-2020)

Since March 2020, the Weiz Music School has been in close contact with the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG). Together with five networkers – teachers of the artistic-pedagogical subjects at the KUG – a second knowledge transfer project was initiated under the direction of Silke Kruse-Weber. This project emerged from an internal knowledge transfer project of the KUG (“Netzwerk IGP”) in order to intensify the collaborative exchange between the departments and to further develop the findings for the connection of theory and practice in instrumental teaching.

Thirteen music school teachers are involved in the follow-up project (“Netzwerk IGP-Go”). The teachers of the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz will come to the Music School Weiz for eight workshops in the course of 2020 and will work intensively with the music school teachers, exchanging ideas, and reflecting together. In this follow-up project, the findings of the first project will be further researched and developed in the practical context of “music school.”

By introducing innovative reflection tools inspired by the European university initiative “The Innovative Conservatoire” (ICON) for the further development of artistic education, the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice is to be promoted in both directions. Also of interest are the paradigm shifts that have taken place in the theoretical discourse in the field but are only hesitantly finding their way into the practice of instrumental and vocal instruction.

Collaborative forms of learning and joint testing of the various principles of reflection should ultimately lead to a practical aid for the observation and evaluation of lessons. The aims of the project are to expand teachers’ scopes of action and gain new perspectives as well as to strengthen the competence of reflection. The experience of mutual appreciation is central to this. Finally, we hope that the colleagues of the music school will experience even stronger team building, optimal communication, and a high degree of job satisfaction.

This project could also gain importance as a best practice model for other cooperations. In the end, the music school teachers act as multipliers. The project is scientifically based and can be assigned to development-oriented research. Didactically, it is about evaluation and further development through various practices of reflective practice and constructivist learning and teaching. Characteristic is the implementation and testing of innovations of different reflection tools. A special focus is also on the question of how knowledge from the practice of music school teachers can be transferred into teaching practice.

“Netzwerk IGP-Go” is part of a collaboration project of the Knowledge Transfer Centre South (WTZ Süd), financed by aws, by means of the National Foundation of Research, Technology and Development (Austrian Funds).


Written by: University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, SM
on: 08/10/2020