Minister Harald Mahrer started the Spin-off Austria Initiative at a press conference on 7th September 2017. Spin-off Austria is a fellowship program to promote first start-up activities of researchers at Universities, Universities of Applied Science and Research Facilities. The program aims to reduce the gap between science and the economic implementation of research results.

The Fellowship program will enable researchers to focus exclusively on the further development of their research results to the state of concrete business ideas. Funding will be granted for up to 18 months with a maximum of EUR 500,000. The Fellowship Program endowed with a total of EUR 15 million is coordinated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Further information and details. (available in German only)

Applications for the second Call are now open until 19th July 2018.

For further information contact:
TU Graz, Research & Technology House
Stephanie Mühlbacher (Mail:, Tel.: 0316 873 6024)

Source: (available in German only)

Written by: Graz University of Technology, SM
on: 15/02/2018