> Time: Friday, March 17th to Sunday March 19th 2017| Final session March 24th 2017
> Place: Erzherzog-Johann Trakt, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
> Organizer: ZAT | Entrepreneural-Supply-Center of Montanuniversität and city Leoben

The Event of Montanuniversität for entrepreneurals und visionaries !

START-UP GARAGE LEOBEN offers to innovative entrepreneurals, to engaged mavericks and interested students the perfect opportunities free of cost opportunity to leverage your business ideas to the next level together with sparring experts like  Stefan Pierer (Cross Industries), Georg Pölzl (Austian Post), Ralf Mittermayr (Saubermacher), Edgar Ahn (BDI) oder Georg List (AVL). In addition, you have the opportunity to create a first prototype with 3D-printers and let your idea become a reality.

Having a business idea in mind is good. Putting a business idea on paper in the form of a business plan and formulating it is much better. But to implement and realize a business idea is the best.

And the very best: You’re not alone here – quite the opposite!


  • In 48h from the idea to the business concept
  • Input of first-class experts
  • Access to a valuable network in the field of grants, financing and investors
  • Possibility of a 3D printing prototype
  • Prizes of the TOP 3 STARTUP WERKSTATT projects

Target group: potential founders, young start-ups and interested students with innovative ideas

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