Technology Offers from Graz University of Technology


  • Automated mass sensor‐controlled high‐precision rapid sampling of fluids – Technology Offer
  • FLAP Heliostat – Technology Offer
  • LDA 2 – graphical software package for flexible automatic lipid identification for LC-MSn data – Technology Offer
  • Metal recovery from waste: Effective separation of smallest particles by a novel Eddy current technology – Technology Offer
  • Method and System for Transmitting a Cross-Protocol Message – Technology Offer
  • Multipath-assisted Indoor Navigation and Tracking (MINT) – Technology Offer
  • Multiplication of Large Operands – Technology Offer
  • New atomizer producing sprays with narrow drop size spectra – Technology Offer
  • Particle Magnifier and Particle Counter for Particles in a Flow – Technology Offer
  • Phase-aware and Iterative Closed-loop Speech Enhancement System – Technology Offer
  • Production of a regular arrangement of droplets of a first liquid in a continuous jet of a second liquid – Technologie Offert

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