Here you may find external links to the different cooperation projects of the Knowledge Transfer Centre (WTZ Süd):

  • IMPACT as a significant aspect of research projects

    What do I need to consider if I want to successfully generate benefits with my research, projects and project proposals?
    A video (1:18 min) from the WTZ3 subtopic “IMPACT as a significant aspect of research projects” inspires and informs with statements from researchers and research managers. “You want to deliver IMPACTFUL research/projects/proposals? Go and…”


  • Gründungsgarage (Foundation Garage)

    Working together at the Gründungsgarage: Students bringing along precise ideas are accompanied by mentors with practical experience and work for one semester in interdisciplinary teams on the development of their own business models.


  • Infrastructure Register

    The new infrastructure register combines the entire spectrum of both providers and users of research infrastructure to bring about an innovation boost for science and research but also for society and industry. Thus, a simple and quick search for infrastructure is provided.


  • Network “End of Life”

    Medical decisions at the end of life and the question of a good dying have been a regular topic in medial debates for years. Apart from this public discourse in the area of tension between patient autonomy and medical care, little is known about the actual circumstances of dying. To cope with the complexity of the situations at the end of life, both transdisciplinary cooperation and interdisciplinary scientific discourses are required.


  • Austrian Knowledge Transfer Centres

    The establishment of three regional knowledge transfer centres (WTZ Ost, WTZ Süd and WTZ West) as well as a specialist knowledge transfer centre in the Field of Life Science, represent the contribution of Austrian universities to intensify the knowledge transfer from science to business and society. Financed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) through its knowledge transfer centres and IPR exploitation funding programme, these centres are an association of universities and affiliated partners that began their project-related work on August 1st, 2014.


  • Wirtschaftsgeist

    With the Wirtschaftsgeist-blog WTZ Süd offers a communication platform for scientists in the humanities, social and cultural sciences, who are interested in business topics and career prospects.