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The Knowledge Transfer Centre South has created a communication platform for humanities, social and cultural scientists who have an interest in economic subjects and career prospects. The blog “Wirtschaftsgeist” (Economic Spirit) provides information on current events and initiatives to break down barriers between the economy and the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies.

One of the goals is to make the expertise of graduates visible and to establish a flow of information on economic needs to graduates of the humanities and social and cultural studies.

Various contributions from the University of Graz, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and the University of Klagenfurt will depict and discuss the increasing importance of the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies in an economic context.

Link to the Blog: http://wirtschaftsgeist.com


The workshop “Wirtschaftsgeist” provides the opportunity to students, who are interested in economic issues and career prospects, to meet young entrepreneurs. Each start-up gets together with an interdisciplinary group of students in order to work on a real-life challenge defined by the start-up. Approaches from different disciplines are combined while working on a predefined challenge. An innovation coach supports the teams with valuable input and creativity methods, in order to optimize the results.

The workshop creates a win-win situation for all parties involved: while students gain insight into entrepreneurship, start-ups benefit from the students’ creative problem-solving abilities.

Here you can find the reports of the last four Workshops:
Wirtschaftsgeist Workshop 10/06/2016
Wirtschaftsgeist Workshop 02/12/2016
Wirtschaftsgeist-Workshop 12/05/2017
Wirtschaftsgeist-Workshop 10/11/2017
Wirtschaftsgeist-Workshop 25/05/2018

Please note that the reports are only available in German.

The workshop as an interdisciplinary think tank
In project year 4 the “Wirtschaftsgeist-Workshop” was carried out the fifth time in order to establish the contact between HSC/EEK students and young entrepreneurs.

Plans for the next “Wirtschaftsgeist-Workshop” are already underway and the workshop takes place on November 20, 2018, with the thematic focus: “social entrepreneurs. As a new cooperation partner, we were able to win Social Business Club Styria.

Pictures: University of Graz and Alexander Wenzel / University of Music and Performing Arts

Written by: University of Graz, TK
on: 02/10/2018